1 Recognition of the Genocide

1.1 Recognition, official texts

Andorra has neither recognised the Genocide of the Roma nor established a commemoration date.
There is no official recognition of the Holocaust in Andorra.

1.2 Data (camps locations, Remembrance places, measures etc.)

Andorra's territory was not affected by the Genocide of the Roma. Therefore there is no specific data on this event.

1.3 Specialised institution, commission, research centre etc., dealing with this issue

Andorra has no particular institution dealing with the Genocide of the Roma.

1.4 Official initiatives (campaigns, actions, projects, commemoration days, museums)

Andorra has not taken any official initiative towards the recognition or the commemoration of the Genocide of the Roma.

2 Teaching about the Genocide of the Roma

2.1 Inclusion of the topic in the school curriculum

There is no information on the inclusion of the Genocide of the Roma in the school curriculum in Andorra. The topic of the Nazi persecution during the World War II is taught in Andorra: it is often referred to as the "Nazi policy of extermination" instead of Holocaust. Roma victims of the Nazi persecution are evoked as other victims.

2.2 Inclusion of the topic in the school textbooks

The Genocide of the Roma is not specifically dealt with in textbooks. The topic is part of the broader teaching of the Holocaust.

2.3 Training of teachers and education professionals

Teachers in Andorra are not subject to particular training on the teaching of the Genocide of the Roma.

2.4 Particular activities undertaken at the level of education institutions

No particular activity related to the Genocide of the Roma has been reported in Andorra.

2.5 Remembrance day

There is no remembrance day for the Genocide of the Roma observed in school.

3 Official contacts and resource persons

3.1 Responsible person in the Ministry of Education

Ministry of Education and Youth
Eric Jover Comas
Building the windmill - Av. Rocafort, 21-23 AD600 Sant Julia de Loria - Andorra
Telephone: 376 743 300
Fax: 376 743 313

3.2 Resource persons - list of experts and historians

4 Initiatives of the civil society

4.1 Relevant projects having a real impact on the people and/or the wide public

No Civil Society project related to the Genocide of the Roma has been reported in Andorra.

Still, some projects have taken place in Spain and are accessible for people in Andorra.

Federacio d’Associacions Gitanes de Catalunya (FAGIC) has organised an exhibition called "Porrajmos: el genocidio nazi del pueblo gitano" (“Porrajmos: the Nazi Genocide of the Gypsy people”) which was the first one in Spain. It was inaugurated on the Official Day for Holocaust Remembrance, 27 January 2009, in the Palace of the Generalitat, Barcelona. Since then, the exhibition has travelled throughout Catalonia, in town halls, schools, universities and other cultural centres. The exhibition can be put at disposal to any institution or organisation that requests it.

Asociacion Memoria Genocidio Gitano is an organisation whose aim is to gather data on the Genocide of the Roma in a web blog so as to increase knowledge and visibility of this tragic and forgotten past. They have a YouTube channel which displays videos on the history of the Roma people (but it does not go up to the Genocide of the Roma) and broadcasts a conference on the Genocide of the Roma that was held in January 2014 in Jerez, and featuring Miguel Palacios.

5 Point of view of the Roma community - including survivors' testimonies