1 Recognition of the Genocide

1.1 Recognition, official texts

1.2 Data (camps locations, Remembrance places, measures etc.)

1.3 Specialised institution, commission, research centre etc., dealing with this issue

1.4 Official initiatives (campaigns, actions, projects, commemoration days, museums)

2 Teaching about the Genocide of the Roma

2.1 Inclusion of the topic in the school curriculum

2.2 Inclusion of the topic in the school textbooks

2.3 Training of teachers and education professionals

2.4 Particular activities undertaken at the level of education institutions

2.5 Remembrance day

3 Official contacts and resource persons

3.1 Responsible person in the Ministry of Education

3.2 Resource persons - list of experts and historians

4 Initiatives of the civil society

4.1 Relevant projects having a real impact on the people and/or the wide public

5 Point of view of the Roma community - including survivors' testimonies