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Bernadac, Ch. (1981). Zaboravljeni holokaust: pokolj Cigana. Zagreb: Globus. [Original in French]

Lacková, E. (2002). Rođena sam pod sretnom zvijezdom: moj život Ciganke u Slovačkoj. Zagreb: Ibis Grafika. [Original in Czech and Romani]

Kućan, Maja: “Jedinomoje i ostali: Pisma iz logora” ("Myonlyone and the Rest!: Letters from Concentration Camps"), 2010,  published by Jasenovac Memorial Site.
A book of personal narratives, records and correspondence from the inmates of the Jasenovac camp.
A new work-in-progress documentary about the circumstances surrounding the films shot by Allied troops when they liberated Bergen-Belsen, Auschwitz, Madjanek and other concentration camps at the end of WWII. Croatian director and producer, 81 years old Auschwitz survivor and Oscar winner Branko Lustig said at the premiere in Berlin in December 2014: "I like this movie very much; this kind of movie must be shown every 25 years, to every new generation. You cannot live your life hating." See more 
2014: “Night Will Fall”, United Kingdom, Director André Singer, Documentary