Czech Republic

Information material for the general public: 


The “Výbor pro odškodní romského holocaustu” (VPORH) / “Committee for the Redress of the Roma Holocaust is an association representing the interests of surviving Roma Holocaust victims and relatives of victims in the Czech Republic.


The website “Romové v České republice” / “Roma in the Czech Republic” offers information and testimonies about the Genocide of the Roma in the Czech Republic, as well as news related to this topic. The texts are written in Czech, English, German and French.

Testimony of Emilie Holomkova:


Horváthová, J. (ed.) (2004). Memoáry romských žen; Elina, Sága rodu Holomků; Karolína, Cesta životem v cikánském voze (Memoirs of Roma Women). Brno: Muzeum romské kultury. [This books explains the life and experiences of Elina Machalkova and Karolina Kozakova].

Lacková, E. (1997). Narodila jsem se pod št'astnou hvězdou. Praha: Triada. [Texte en tchèque et romani. Il y a plusieurs traductions, y compris le russe]

Leapman, M. (1988). Witnesses to war: eight true-life stories of Nazi persecution. New York: Viking.

Stojka, C. (2008). Žijeme ve skrytu - Vyprávění rakouské Romky. Praha: Argo. [Original in German].


Doughty, L. (2007). Ohně v temnotě. Brno: Barrister & Principal. [Original in English]

Hackl, E. (2001). Loučení se Sidonií. Praha: Argo. [Original in German]


Lacková, E. (1956). Cigánsky tábor; hra o 3 dejstvách, 4 obrazoch. Praha: Československé divadelní a literárni jednatelství. [Original in Slovak]

The play was written in 1946 and the performances took part - with a huge success - in Czechoslovakia between 1948 and 1950. In total, there was 106 performances.

To know more about her life, click here.

About the Roma Theater Pralipe:

The Roma Theater Pralipe, based in Mühlheim an der Ruhr, played Z 2001. Die Tinte unter meiner Haut (Z 2001 Inkoust pod mou kůží)(2001) in different countries, for instance Germany (Frankfurt a. M., Heidelberg, Berlin...), Austria (Vienna), the Czech Republic or the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (Skopje). The DVD Z 2001. Die Tinte unter meiner Haut (2001), by Valentin Albersmann, shows some images of the play. To get more information about the premiere in Berlin, click here. For more information in Czech, click here.

This theatre company - founded in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia by Rahim Burhan - usually plays in Romani. To have some more information about the activities of the company, read the website of Theater an der Ruhr.


There is one song about the topic. It is called "Aušvits" ("Auschwitz") - in Romani - and it was sung in the film Latcho Drom. To get more information about the song, click here.


There is a website about the Austrian Cejka Stojka’s drawings.


Reportage about the French writer Matéo Maximoff.


Exhibitions about WWII:

The permanent exhibition of the “Muzeum romské kultury” / “Museum of Romani culture” in Brno includes the topic of the Nazi Genocide of the Roma (1939-1945). The website also includes historical facts and pictures, for instance about the Hodonín camp. Most of the information is in Czech, but there are translations into English.

The Committee for the Compensation of the Romani Holocaust, in partnership with the Documentation Centre of German Sinti and Roma (Heidelberg, Germany), organised in 2006 - from May to July - an exhibition with the title: “The Roma Holocaust: the Genocide of the Roma and Sinti and racism in today’s Europe”. The exhibition was displayed in the National Gallery.

Art exhibitions:

There was an exhibition of C. Stojka’s paintings called "Living" (“Žít!”) in 2009: Museum of Romani culture, from the 8th of April to the 19th of September 2009.

In 2007 there was a photo exhibition in the National Gallery with the title: “A Vanished World”. The Committee for the Redress of the Romani Holocaust organised this event. For more information, click here.