Information material for the general public: 

The 6th annual AGBU GORIZ seminar gathered a group of 37 young professionals from the Armenian, Jewish and Roma communities for a five-day seminar in Tblissi, Georgia. This year’s seminar focused on negotiating identity within minority communities  and it was co-organised by AGBU Europe, the European Center for Minority Issues, the European Union of Jewish Students, the European Roma Grassroots Organization Network and Hayartun (Diocese of the Armenian Church of Georgia) and supported by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union. The seminar aimed to raise awareness amongst participants about the ways identity perception can affect their goals and their relationships with authorities, helping the young leaders take an active part in the way their identity is understood. The event was comprised of lectures, workshops and visits to cultural sites in Tblissi and the region of Samtskhe-Javakheti. Sessions were led by representatives from organisations like the United Nations, the Council of Europe, Open Society and the Tolerance and Diversity Institute as well as by clergy and community leaders in Georgia. Amongst other things, the exclusion of the Roma people from history textbooks and its impact on Roma children’s self-perception was discussed as well as the situation of religious, cultural and linguistic minorities in Georgia.