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Haliti, B. (2004). Poema katar e Mum Tadž Mahal = Poema o Mum Tadž Mahal = Mumtaz Mahal poem. Beograd: Memorial Roma Centre for Holocaust Studies of Serbia and Montenegro. [Text in Romani, Serbian and English]

Center for preservation and culture development of national minorities of Montenegro (CEKUM) organised a celebration of the International Roma Day on 8th April 2014 at Perjanica Hall in Podgorica. Dr Suad Numanović, Minister for Human and Minorities’ Rights, inaugurated the exhibition of works of Hungarian artist Selam Pato and Montenegrin author Ruždija Rus Sejdović.  Read the news.

The Family Album project engages precisely in uncovering such family histories of Roma citizens living in Serbia and Montenegro, hidden in albums and boxes, and thus opens dialogues with interlocutors who are often marginalised. But, the stories that browsing through family photographs call forth are not only about the Roma community, but also about the history of the region over the past several decades. The photographs show the traumatic years of war in the former Yugoslavia, stories about exile, departures, and family partings.