Information material for the general public: 


Rosenberg, O. (2001). A Lente de Aumento. Lisboa: Âncora. [Original in German]

Published in Brasil, in Portuguese:

Vishnevsky, V. (1999). Memórias de um cigano. São Paulo, SP: Duna Dueto. [There is a translation into English]


Reader's Digest (ed.)(1994). Livros condensados. Dossier Pelicano. Lisboa: "Selecçoes do Reader's Digest". [The book includes Quando os violinos se calaram - And the violins stopped playing - by A. Ramati]


The Brasilian website "Embaixada Cigana do Brasil" offers information in Portuguese about famous Roma, some of them artists related to the topic of the Genocide of the Roma. The list is called "Ciganos no Mundo".