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Caldaras, H. (2004). Privirea celuilat. Bucaresti: Editura Vremea XXI. [Original in Swedish] [About the Roma camps after Second World War]


In this article - written in English - it is possible to read some testimonies of Romanian Roma, as well as some hints of the Genocide of the Roma in Romania, Moldova and Ukraine.


The "Fundatia Social-Culturala A Romilor 'Ion Cioaba'" ("Rromani Socio-cultural Foundation 'Ion Cioaba'") deals with the history of the Romanian Roma, including the Genocide of the Roma. The Foundation has conducted several projects concerning this topic. There are some information about the Genocide of the Roma on the wesite, and also some pictures of survivors. To look at some more pictures, click here.

Holocaust Learning Resource Centre of the Romanian Jewish Community: 7. The Deportation, Persecution, and Extermination of the Gypsies


About 100 Roma survivors live in Romania today, and a dozen in the region of Bolintin Vale. An interview of some of them was broadcasted on French radio France International on 9 october 2014.