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ĐURIĆ, R. "Holocaust poem".

HALITI, B. (2003). E rroma anglal e mudarimasko duvari e Aušvicosko = Romi pred zidom smrti Aušvica. Zemun: Biograf. [Text in Romani]

HALITI, B. (2004). Poema katar e Mum Tadž Mahal = Poema o Mum Tadž Mahal = Mumtaz Mahal poem. Beograd: Memorial Roma Centre for Holocaust Studies of Serbia and Montenegro. [Text in Romani, Serbian and English]

KRASNIĆI, A. (2000). Jasenovac: antologija pesama o Jasenovcu. Kragujevac / Gnjilane: Memorijalni centar Roma za holokaust studije. [aka Jasenovac: antologija e điljenđi katar o Jasenovac] [Text in Romani and Serbian]


Bajram Haliti published the book “Battle between Roma and Germans”. It is unknown the original title. For more information, click here.

The OSI (Open Society Institute) awarded Rajko Đurić in 2003 for his short-stories "A Wedding in Auschwitz" and "Ich Bin Ein Auschwitz-Deutscher", which are related to the Genocide. The former is included in the book The Roads of the Roma: A Pen Anthology of Gypsy Writers (1998).


The "The annihilation of Roma during the Second World War", whose author is Bajram Haliti, was played in Gnjilane. It is unknown the original title. For more information, click here.

Exhibition "The Speech of the Roma":
The opening exhibition of the Museum of Roma Culture in Belgrade was hold at the end of 2009. One of the exhibits was a German-Serbian-Romani dictionary which was compiled by a Roma during the Second World War, when he was imprisoned in a camp next to Belgrade.

Exhibition “Holokaust koji se ne sme zaboraviti” (Holocaust that must not be forgotten)  was installed in the Belgrade Museum of Roma Culture in 2009, containing TV video clips and news articles

Permanent exhibition set in the Museum of the Banjica Concentration Camp that is dedicated to the memory of the prisoners and victims of the Nazi concentration camp from the World War II.