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Lacková, E. (1997). Narodila jsem se pod št'astnou hvězdou. Praha: Triada. [Text in Czech and Romani. There are translations into many languages]

Elena Lacková wrote a play Horiaci cigánsky tábor and several short stories about the Genocide of the Roma, such as Mŕtvi sa nevracajú / O mule na aven pale, Bieli krkavci, Život vo vetre and Husle s tromi srdcami / Lavuta trine jilenaca. The Oxford Encyclopedia of Children's Literature has an entry with her name.
The play was written in 1946 and the performances took part - with a huge success - in Czechoslovakia between 1948 and 1950. In total, there was 106 performances. Afterwards there have been several premieres: in 1955, in 1972 and in 2000. The latter was played by the prestigious theatre company "Romathan".

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A professional Romani theatre group “Romanthan” produced the play under the title Romano largos (The Gypsy Camp) in 2000 which was performed ever since (page 7).

Elena Lacková received several awards for her commitment with the remembrance of the Genocide of the Roma in her writings. For example, she got the Chatam Sofer Medal in 2001 and the "Rad Ľudovita Štura III. Klasa" Medal in 2001; the latter was presented by the Slovak President Rudolf Schuster.