Information material for the general public: 


Caldaras, H. (2002). I betraktarens ögon. Stockholm: Prisma. [There is translation into Romanian] [About the Roma camps after Second World War]


Hackl, E. (1990). Farväl, Sidonie: berättelse. Stockholm: Legenda. [Original in German]


Bengt O. Björklund wrote the poem "Den långa marschen" (The Long March).

Cartoon book:

There is a cartoon book for youth about the life of the Roma Sofia Taikon, who was imprisoned at Auschwitz concentration camp:

Lundgren, G. et al. (2006). Sofia Z-4515 / Žofi Z-4515. Stockholm: Tranan; Podium. [Text written in Swedish and Romani]

Photo exhibition:

From the 27 January to 15 March 2009 there was in the Roma Cultural Centre (Romskt Kulturcentrum) in Stockholm the photo exhibition "Den okända Förintelsen" / "The Unknown Holocaust". The partners were "Ė Romani Gilda", the "Forum för levande historia" (Forum for Living History), the Delegation for Roma issues and the Roma Cultural Centre in Stockholm.

The same exhibition was also held in the Fredsmuseum (Peace Museum) in Uppsala.

Literary café:

Related to the photo exhibition "The Unknown Holocaust", there was a literary café on the 28 January 2009 in the Roma Cultural Centre (Romskt Kulturcentrum) in Stockholm. On this occasion some Roma and Jewish writers talked about their own texts concerning the war and the Holocaust. Veijo Baltzar, Hans Caldaras and Gunilla Lundgren participated in the event.


The "Forum för levande historia" ("Forum for Living History") in Stockholm deals with the persecution and the genocide of the Roma.