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Information material for the general public: 


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Poetry / prose:

Hancock, I. et al. (eds.)(1998). The Roads of the Roma: A Pen Anthology of Gypsy Writers. Hertforshire: University of Hertforshire Press.


Some information in English about the CD Bi Granica - No Limits of the Hungarian band Khanci Dos


On the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust's website it is possible to get information (for instance, testimonies) related to the Genocide of the Roma.

On the website Famous Gypsies there is a list with famous Roma; some of them are artists whose works are related to the topic of the Genocide of the Roma.


Relevant links:

Holocaust Memorial Day trust - Nazi Persecution - The Porrajmos

Interview of Donald Kendrick whi is the author of many books on the experiences of Gypsies (Roma and Sinti) under the Nazi regime

List of dates to remember concerning Victims of the nazi persecution including Roma


Commentary of Grattan Puxon, Twelfth hour for Roma Genocide recognition, 4th August 2015

Article written by Mike Doherty, The “Gypsy” Holocaust, Travellers' Times, 22nd October 2013: comment on a photograph from the collection of Robert Dawson, in which A German soldier holds a Romani child in a picture taken by a comrade during World War Two.