Bosnia and Herzegovina

Training material for teachers and trainers: 

Teaching materials on “The Fate of Roma and Sinti during the Holocaust” are available on the website aiming to represent a collective cultural memory and to form an indispensable basis for the creation of a Europe-wide awareness regarding the history of this genocide. By presenting documents with short texts and assignments, the project aims to give teachers the tools to easily develop a lesson or series of lessons focusing on a historical period or theme, on a regional approach or on a personal approach.

“Handbook for History Teachers on Teaching 20th-century European History”, by Robert Stradling. (Council of Europe: 2001 ISBN 92-871-4466-4) has been specially translated into Bosnian because it provides a wealth of practical examples of the new teaching methods and ideas on how to use a variety of sources in classrooms. (See “HISTORY TEACHING IN SCHOOLS: The work of the Council of Europe and UNESCO in Bosnia and Herzegovina” report)

The Council of Europe produces a collection of pedagogical fact sheets on Roma history, culture and language. “Information Fact Sheets on Roma History” have been translated into Serbian and are available for download on Council’s web-site on education about Roma history.

Pedagogical and didactic material “Memory in motion”, launched by forumZFD together with Anne Frank House (The Netherlands), the Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR BIH) and EUROCLIO-HIP BiH on 18 December 2014 in Sarajevo, includes a Manual with Modules, Lesson plans and DVD with videos.