Training material for teachers and trainers: 

Bruchfeld, S. et al. (1998). ...pripovijedajte to...: knjiga o Uništenju u Evropi, 1933-1945. Stockholm: Regeringskansliet. [Original in Swedish]

The Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia, in cooperation with the Shoah Foundation Visual Learning Institute, has created lessons about the Holocaust, based on testimonies of survivors. One lesson, created by Robert Skenderović, Ph.D (“The Suffering of Women and Children in Jasenovac”), describes the victimization of the Roma in the Jasenovac Concentration Camp during World War II. The preparation manual for this lesson is available at the following link. The guidelines for teaching about Holocaust can be found on the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports web page, at the following link.

Holokaust u nastavi, priručnik za nastavnike (Teaching about the Holocaust: A Resource Book for Educators): Memorijalni muzej holokausta u Sjedinjenim Americkim Državama (translated from the original in English).

A good practice from the USA and Canada  of Paper clips museum  was used for a Project in the secondary school in Medjimurje in 2009 called “Razredni muzej Holokausta”  (Classroom Holocaust Museum) where one paper clip represents one lost soul in Holocaust.

Baumgartner G., Bibermann I., Ecker M., Sigel R : „The Fate of European Roma and Sinti during the Holocaust“ Teachers’ Manual is available in PDF form on in English, French and German.