Slovak Republic

Training material for teachers and trainers: 

Vagačová, I. and Fotta, M. (eds.) (2006). Rómovia a druhá svetová vojna: čítanka [The Roma and the Second World War]. Bratislava: the Foundation of Milan Šimeček. [It is a translation]

The systematic life long education of teachers in the area of the Holocaust in Slovakia is achieved from 2000, through the project "The preparation of the secondary school teachers in the area of Holocaust education", provided under the support of the International Task Force for International Cooperation on Holocaust Education, Remembrance and Research. The most important output of this project was the education pack "Why are we studying about the Holocaust?" elaborated by Slovak specialists, historians and multiplicators, under the coordination of Egon Gal, the Head of the Institute of Judaism of the Comenius University in Bratislava. The part of the pack was prepared by the Milan Šimeček Foundation from Bratislava. Beside ITF, Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic, the Council for the compensation of the Holocaust Victims in Slovakia and the Foundation EZRA were also financially involved in this project.

The Documentation Centre for Holocaust, with the cooperation of secondary school teachers, prepared the methodical handbook “Holocaust Education” (working sheets), distributed free of charge, agreed by the State Pedagogical Institute and recommended by the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic for teaching about the Holocaust in schools.