The Netherlands

Training material for teachers and trainers: 

A presentation for secondary schools and university history or Romani Studies courses : Dr Adrian Marsh, The Mechanics of Marginalisation; the Gypsies and genocide, 1900–2011 (O Baro Porrajmos) The history of Anna Maria “Settela” Steinbach

A book for young pupils (12+): Inez van Loon, Mijn zusje (My little sister), 2015 It tells the story of a Sinti Girl Perla who fled with her ​​family from Germany to the Netherlands. There Perla's sister was born. But also in the Netherlands, they were not safe.

Educational material: Karen Polak (2013): Teaching about the genocide of the Roma and Sinti during the Holocaust: chances and challenges in Europe today, Intercultural Education, 24:1-2, 79-92

Anne Frank house : Teachers portal