1977: "Akcija stadion" (Operation Stadium), Croatia, Director: Dusan Vukotic, Writers: Slavko Goldstein and Dusan Vukotic, duration 90 minutes
This film tells a true story about events in Zagreb in 1941. Nazis and their collaborators organised the great gathering of students on Dubrava stadium. The intention was to publicly separate Jews from them which would lead to future pogrom. The event, however, took an unexpected turn.

2011: "The other Genocide: The Persecution of Sinti and Roma in Europe 1920–1946“ (Mémoires tsiganes, l'autre génocide) , France Documentary, directed by Juliette Jourdan , Produced by Marie-Hélène Ranc, Mark Edwards & Eric Darmon, duration 1:15:05

Film follows the lives of Roma from Czech Republic, France, Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Ukraine before and after the Holocaust.