Czech Republic

1992: “I Rom (I popoli che scompaiono)” (The Roma – The people who disappear)
Documentary. Italy. Director: Mario Gianni. 23 min.

About the history, culture and political situation of the Roma in Czechoslovakia. There are some commentaries about the Nazi ideology and racial plans.

1997: “Ó, ty černý ptáčku” (“O You Blackbird of Death”)
Documentary. Czech Republic. Director: Břetislav Rychlík. 58 min.

About the experiences in concentration camps of Roma people from Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia.

1999: “Svědectví Františka Daniela / František Daniel” (Witness Frantisek Daniel)
Documentary. Czech Republic. Director: Jan Gogola. 58 min.

It is the narration in a tragicomical way of a Roma ex-prisoner of concentration camps.

2002: “ jsou těžké vzpomínky” (These are painful memories)
Documentary. Czech Republic. Director: Monika Rychlíková. 28 min.

About the life of Roma people in Bohemia and Moravia, drawn by stories of survivors, former prisoners of concentration camps.