1981: “Canta gitano” (Sing, Gypsy) Short film. France. Director: Tony Gatlif. 10 min. Languages: Spanish, German, French.

It depicts – through music and dance - the fate of Roma in the concentration camps.

1982: “Gypsyland, it doesn’t exist” (aka “Le clou volé: Les Gitans dans la Shoah”) Documentary. France and United Kingdom. Director: Ludi Boeken. 50 min.

The history of the Roma people’s persecution in Europe, and especially that by the Nazis.

1989: “The Forgotten Holocaust” Documentary. United Kingdom. Director: George Case. 50 min.

About the persecution and genocide of the European Roma. Some Roma survivors from Germany, Hungary, Austria, Poland, France and the Netherlands are interviewed about this topic.

1993: “Latcho Drom” (Good journey) Documentary. Director: Tony Gatlif. 103 min. Language: French.

About the history of the Roma, depicted through music and dance. There is a survivor who explains her life in Auschwitz.

1997: “Journal de Rivesaltes 1941-1942” (Journal of Rivesaltes 1941-1942) Documentary. Switzerland. Director: Jacqueline Veuve. 77 min. Language: French.

About Friedel Bohny-Reiter’s activities as a nurse in an accommodation centre for homeless people in the South of France.

1999: “Les oubliés de Montreuil-Bellay” (The forgotten people from Montreuil-Bellay) Documentary. France. Director: Abdelali Boutibi. 26 min.

About the internment camp for Roma in Anjou (France).

2002: “Swing” Feature film. France. Director: Tony Gatlif. 90 min.

A teenager discovers Roma culture, and especially music, in France. The Roma Holocaust is reflected in one song.

2003: “Route de Limoges” (Journey to Limoges) Documentary. France. Director: Raphaël Pillosio. 39 min.

About some Jewish and Roma people who were kept as internment camp prisoners.

2003: “Les Roms, la mémoire retrouvée” (Roma people, the recovered memory) Documentary. France. Directors: Benoît Califano and Laure Pradal. 57 min.

It depicts the history of the Roma people in the 20th century and the problems and prejudices they met after the Holocaust.

2004: “Trapas men lé” (\\"Ils nous ont attrapés”) (They caught us) Documentary. France. INSTEP Aquitaine. Language: French. 26 min.

About some internment camps for Roma in France. Some survivors and some experts are also interviewed.

2006: \"Un camp tzigane où il ferait bon vivre…\" (A Roma camp site where it could be nice to live...) Documentary. France. Director: Cédric Condom. 58 min.

About the history of an internment camp for Roma people in Arles. This camp was supposed to be an ideal one.

2009: “Des Français sans histoire” (The French without a history) Documentary. France. Director: Raphaël Pillosio. 84 min.

About the experiences of Travellers who were interned in special camps during World War II.

2009: \"Korkoro\" (“Liberté”)(“Freedom”) Feature film. France. Director: Tony Gatlif. 111 min. Language: French.

About the problems and the fate of a Roma family in Nazi-occupied France.

2010: “Juifs-Tsiganes, peut on comparer?” Video. France. Director: Denis Peschanski for Akadem

2015: “Mémoires tsiganes, l’autre genocide” Documentary. France. Director: Juliette Jourdan, France 5, 76min.