1992: “I Rom (I popoli che scompaiono)” (The Roma – The people who disappear)
Documentary. Italy. Director: Mario Gianni. 23 min.

About the history, culture and political situation of the Roma in Czechoslovakia. There are some commentaries about the Nazi ideology and racial plans.

1998: \"Lo sterminio dei popoli zingari\" (The extermination of the Roma)
Documentary. Italy. Director: Andrea Segre. 40 min.

About the extermination of the Roma people.

2002: \"Romani Rat / La notte dei Rom” (\"Romani Rat / The Night of the Romany”)
Documentary. Italy. Director: Maurizio Orlandi. Languages: Italian, Polish, Romani. 60 min.

A Roma Musician from Kosovo, a Polish photographer, and a social worker from an Italian camp for Travellers go on a trip to different villages and countries in Europe in order to find witnesses of the Porrajmos.

2004: “Porrajmos. La persecuzione e lo sterminio nazifascista dei Rom e dei Sinti” (“Porrajmos. The persecution and extermination of the Roma and Sinti population by the Nazis”)
Audio documentary. Italy. Director: Andrea Giuseppini. 2 CDs. 90 min.

About some Roma survivors, some of them Italian, their experiences in concentration camps and the opinion of some experts.

2006: “A forza di essere vento. Lo sterminio nazista degli Zingari” (Because of being mobile. The Nazi extermination of the Roma)
Documentary. Italy. Several directors. Producer: Editrice A. 2 DVDs.

About the Nazi extermination of the Roma, the concentration camps and the forced labour.