1998: “The Port of Last Resort”, documentary, Austria, directed by Joan Grossman and Paul Rosdy, produced by Extrafilm, 80 min

After 1939, Shanghai was the last and only resort to find safe haven from the Nazis for 20,000 European Jews, though not that safe either, as the film shows. This was due to Shanghai's status as a free port not requiring entry papers, and the relative tolerance of the Japanese occupiers, who, far from being saviours, resisted Germany’s demand to exterminate the Jews, and even prevented the actions of the Nazi "Butcher of Warsaw" who was assigned to liquidate the Shanghai Jews. The Jews passage through Shanghai is revealed and preserved through the story of four survivors.

2009: "Torn Memories of Nanjing", Documentary, Director: Tamaki Matsuoka,

Tamaki Matsuoka's documentary includes interviews with Japanese veterans who admit to raping and killing Chinese civilians.