2005: “Dureri Ascunse: Persecutarea Romilor 1942-1944” (“Hidden Sorrows: The Persecution of Romanian Gypsies during WWII”)
Documentary. Romania and USA. Director: Michelle Kelso. 56 min. Language: Romanian.

About the history of Romanian Roma who were deported in the Transnistrian concentration camps during World War Two. Some survivors are interviewed.

2006: ‘Romane Iasfa’ (Romany Tears)
Documentary. Romania. Director: Luminita Cioaba. 52 min.

About the deportation in 1942 of Roma people from Romania to Transnistria (Eastern Moldova).

2013: Valea Plângerii / Valley of Sighs. Mihai Andrei Leaha, Andrei Crisan, Iulia Hossu. ISPMN. TRIBA Film The film aims at reconstructing the road, places and events of the Genocide of the Roma. Interviews with members of the Ukrainian community in Transnistria and Roma survivors who tell the tragedy that took place in a seemingly banal place today.

2012: A documentary on the Genocide of the Roma is being prepared by Romeo Tiberiad. It will compile testominies of Roma survivors. An article on it was published on 20 September 2012, with an interview of the Director and extracts from the documentary.