1980: "Ko to tamo peva" ( Who's Singin' Over There?), Country: Yugoslavia. Directed by: Slobodan Šijan. Produced by: Milan Žmukić. Written by: Dušan Kovačević. Music by: Vojislav Kostić. Cinematography: Božidar "Bota" Nikolić. Edited by: Ljiljana "Lana" Vukobratović
It's th April 1941, somewhere in Serbia. A group of people, amongst them two Roma musicians, take a bus to Belgrade and that journey will change their lives forever. 
2012: “Kad svane dan” (When Day Breaks) by Goran Paskaljevic, drama
Searching for the truth about himself and his origins, a retired music professor, Misha Brankov, discovers the little-known truth about Judenlager Semlin camp, one of the worst Nazi execution sites for Jews and Roma in the heart of contemporary Belgrade.