Slovak Republic


1992: “I Rom (I popoli che scompaiono)” (The Roma – The people who disappear)
Documentary. Italy. Director: Mario Gianni. 23 min.

About the history, culture and political situation of the Roma in Czechoslovakia. There are some commentaries about the Nazi ideology and racial plans.

1998: “The Gypsies Of Svinia”
Documentary. Canada. Director: John Paskievich. 95 min.

About the hard living conditions of Roma in Slovakia. There is a commentary about the Holocaust and its role in the present.

2014:  “Close to Evil”, biography, Ireland, directed by Gerry Gregg, produced by Praxis Pictures

Holocaust survivor Tomi, from Slovakia, discovers one of his former jailers - Hilde Lisiewicz, is alive and living in Hamburg. Lisiewicz is a convicted War Criminal. Unexpectedly, Tomi's odyssey ends where his story began, back in his native Merasice.