The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia


1971:Istrel” (Gunshot), Yugoslavia, historical movie, directed by Branko Gapo, produced by Bosna film, 94 min

This excerpt from the film is about commencement of the Macedonian resistance against Nazi Bulgarian rule on 11th October 1941. It is based on factual events that took place in Macedonia after the Nazi Bulgarian invasion of Macedonia during World War II. The clip shows Bulgarian genocide and re-education camps in Macedonia. Bulgarian Nazis did not forget to leave out the Jews and the Gypsies, both of whom were targets of genocide along with the Macedonian people after Bulgaria's invasion of Macedonia.


1971: “The Macedonian Part of Hell”, Yugoslavia, historical movie, directed by Vatroslav Mimica, produced by Macedonia film Skopje,

This excerpt from the film relates to a true event from World War II in Bulgarian-occupied Macedonia - a random act of genocide committed by Bulgarians against the Macedonian people. At the end of 1942 and the beginning of 1943, the Bulgarian fascist occupiers intensify the oppression and torture of the civilians in order to prevent the spreading of the Revolution for the liberation of Bitola's environs.


2012: "Treto poluvreme" (The third half), “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”, historical drama, directed by Darko Mitrevski, co-produced by  Kino Oko, fx3x, I/O Post, 113 min

A film that deals with Macedonian football during World War II and the deportation of Jews from Macedonia. It is a story of love during wartime between a Macedonian and a Jewish girl and a country's passion for soccer.

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