1967: “Цыган” (“Tsygan”)
Feature film. USSR. Director: Evgueni Matveev. 83 min.

The story of a Roma family during World War II.

1996: “Carpati: 50 Miles, 50 Years”
Documentary. USA. Director: Yale Strom. 80 min.

About the life and the experiences of a Jew from the Carpathian mountains who survived Auschwitz. He returns home after 50 years in order to remember his childhood and the friendship with his Roma neighbours.

2011: "The other Genocide: The Persecution of Sinti and Roma in Europe 1920–1946“ (Mémoires tsiganes, l'autre génocide), France, Documentary, directed by Juliette Jourdan , Produced by Marie-Hélène Ranc, Mark Edwards & Eric Darmon, duration 1:15:05

Film follows the lives of Roma from Czech Republic, France, Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, and Ukraine before and after the Holocaust.