United Kingdom


1982: “Gypsyland, it doesn’t exist” (aka “Le clou volé: Les Gitans dans la Shoah”)
Documentary. France and United Kingdom. Director: Ludi Boeken. 50 min.

The history of the Roma people’s persecution in Europe, and especially that by the Nazis.

1989: “The Forgotten Holocaust”
Documentary. United Kingdom. Director: George Case. 50 min.

About the persecution and genocide of the European Roma. Some Roma survivors from Germany, Hungary, Austria, Poland, France and the Netherlands are interviewed about this topic.

2011: A People Uncounted, documentary film, Canada, directed by Aaron Yeger

Canadian documentary film about the culture and history of the Romani people (commonly known as gypsies) in Europe, with special emphasis on their plight during The Holocaust. The film also warns of the similarities in intolerance between the time of the Porajmos (Romani Holocaust) and the increasing intolerance and abuse of Roma rights in Europe today. It was nominated for a Producers Guild of America award in 2012. The film was featured in the New York Gipsy Festival and is part of Vanderbilt University's Holocaust Lecture Series.