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1988: “I skrzypce przestaly grac” (“And the Violins Stopped Playing”)
Feature film. Poland and USA. Director: Alexander Ramati. 116 min. Language: English.

About a real story which depicts a group of Roma fleeing the Nazis during World War II.

1996: “Carpati: 50 Miles, 50 Years”
Documentary. USA. Director: Yale Strom. 80 min.

About the life and the experiences of a Jew from the Carpathian mountains who survived Auschwitz. He returns home after 50 years in order to remember his childhood and the friendship with his Roma neighbours.

2000 [?]: “Course On the Gypsies”
Documentary. USA. History Channel. 100 min.

There are some testimonies of Roma people who survived the concentration camps.

2001: “Porraimos: Europe’s Gypsies in the Holocaust”
Documentary. USA. Director: Alexandra Isles. 56 min.

About the experiences of Roma under Nazi rule.

2005: “Dureri Ascunse: Persecutarea Romilor 1942-1944” (“Hidden Sorrows: The Persecution of Romanian Gypsies during WWII”)
Documentary. Romania and USA. Director: Michelle Kelso. 56 min. Language: Romanian.

About the history of Romanian Roma who were deported in the Transnistrian concentration camps during World War Two. Some survivors are interviewed.

2008: “As Seen Through These Eyes”
Documentary. USA. Director: Hilary Helstein. 70 min.

Interviews with two Roma artists who survived.

2013: Forget Us Not Forget Us Not is a 2013 feature-length documentary film by Heather Connell, which follows the stories of some of the 5 million non-Jewish Holocaust survivors including artist Ceija Stojka and is narrated by actor Ron Perlman. The documentary was released on the festival circuit in August 2013 and has won eight awards. Forget Us Not is a look at the persecution and death of the 5 million non-Jewish victims of the World War II Holocaust, and the lives of those who survived.


USC Shoah Foundation, video Fate of the Roma: Survivors Wladyslaw Gunman, Anna Kwiatkowska and Marianna Koniak speak about their experiences with discrimination, restrictions deportations and mass murder.

USC Shoah Foundation, video Day 31 of 70 Days of Testimony: Anna Zaryn on Sinti Roma Camp: Jewish survivor, Anna Zaryn describes being forced to clean up the remnants of Zigeunerlager (Sinti- Roma camp) in Auschwitz-Birkenau after it was liquidated on August 2, 1944.