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In the year 2000, Centre for Documentation and Information on Minorities in Europe - Southeast Europe (CEDIME-SE) issued a Report on Minorities in Southeast Europe on Roma of Albania with support of the Greek Helsinki Committee.

At page 5, the Report states that during the Second world war, Albania was under Italian rule within the territories of “Greater Albania.” Albanian Roma were not persecuted or deported to death camps, unlike the Roma in many countries in Eastern Europe. However, Albanian Roma participated in the war and many of them were fighting in the Albanian military (Kolsti, 1991:53-54). Until the German occupation of the Greater Albania in 1943, neither the Italians nor the Albanian nationalist persecuted the Albanian Roma because of their increasingly problematic international political situation. The German army’s occupation of Albania lasted no longer than one year, there was insufficient time and capacity to pursue a policy of deportation or extermination of the Roma (Kovacs, 1996:19).