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The Verein Roma-Service conducted the project "Mri historija / Meine Geschichte: Lebensgeschichten burgenländischer Roma" (2006-2009) [My story: life stories of Roma from Burgenland], led by Emmerich Gärtner-Horvath. The research group published several DVDs with the interviews (including texts and pictures related to the interviewees).

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The project “ROMBASE. Didactically edited information on Roma” – which belongs to the University of Graz – has European funds and offers a web database of many aspects related to Roma, for instance Roma history - especially about the Holocaust -, literature, language, personalities and so on. It includes pictures, original texts or documents, videos... The texts are written in English, German and Czech.

The aim of this project is to contribute to the decrease of prejudice and combat discrimination. It furthermore aims at improving the educational situation of the Roma.

This website offers didactical materials related to the Samudaripen, several bibliographies – under many headings -, and a list with films and documentaries.

Education project:

The website of "Lernen aus der Geschichte. Nationalsozialismus und Holocaust in Schule und Jugendarbeit" (Learning from history. Nazism and the Holocaust in schools) offers information and didactical materials related to different projects conducted in schools and high-schools. There was research on the the persecution and the Genocide of the Roma, for instance, among others, “Mahnmal für eine Sinti-Familie”, "Grabe, wo du stehst" and "Friedrich Mennecke, der "Euthanasie"-Arzt".