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Croatia has been a member of the International Task Force on Holocaust Education, Remembrance, and Research (ITF) since 2005 and actively contributes in the research activities. Read more

There are several research and academic institutions that have contributed to Holocaust research: Croatian State Archives, Croatian Institute of History, Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Zagreb as well as Jewish communities, including Jewish Community of Zagreb and the Jewish Community Bet Israel of Croatia. The most significant issues discussed include the state of the Holocaust-related material in public archival institutions of member countries, the issue of accessibility of public archives and the availability of the holdings to researchers.

Two Croatian national reports were prepared and compiled for the Academic Working Group (AWG) meetings in Prague in 2007: "Report on the Holocaust Related Research in Croatian Public Archives" and "Holocaust Related Archives in Croatia - Report No. 2," presenting an important overview of the field. Important resources for Holocaust researchers to be consulted in Croatia are kept in the Croatian State Archives, as well as in the Research and Documentation Center for Holocaust victims and survivors (CENDO).

The Information Portal to European Sites of Remembrance online since 2011, is a project of the Foundation Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. It is part of the exhibition of the Information Centre under the Field of Stelea of the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin. The presentation focuses on the victims of the Holocaust, but also on memorials to other victims of National Socialist crimes and the millions of victims of the Second World War. Among others, it presents memorial sites in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

During the 2015’s Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month, historian Rainer Schulze will remind of the systematic persecution the Roma and Sinti suffered during the period of Nazi rule in Germany and in Nazi-occupied Europe. Rainer is a Professor of Modern European History at the University of Essex and the programmer of the University of Essex’s annual Holocaust Memorial Week. See more

According to the institute’s website: "The Jasenovac Research Institute is a non-profit human rights organization and research institute committed to establishing the truth about the Holocaust in Yugoslavia and dedicated to the search for justice for its victims. The JRI promotes research and activities designed to enlighten the world to the crimes of genocide committed at Jasenovac and wartime Yugoslavia against Serbs, Jews and Romas and provides assistance to all groups and individuals who likewise seek justice for these victims."