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The education project offers information about the Genocide of the Roma in the Czech Republic. It includes texts, pictures and a bibliography.

The education project Skola romea tries to raise awareness about the Czech Roma history, literature and culture. There is information about the Genocide of the Roma (in the section "Historie" and about personalities related to this topic (for instance, Růžena Danielová). The texts are useful for teachers and students. Some of the informations are also on the website of the Multikulturní centrum Praha.

European Roma Theatre Project:

The Roma Theater Pralipe, in partnership with several European institutions and cultural centres, prepares the play With the guitar of seven strings, which is part of the European Roma Theatre Project "The forgotten Genocide". The performances will take place in Germany, France, Sweden, Estonia, the Czech Republic or the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

The partners in this project are the Cultural Centre DROM (Finland, represented by Veijo Baltzar), the Roma Theater Pralipe (Germany), the Roma Cultural Centre in Stockholm (Sweden), the Estonian-Finnish Institute and the University of Tartu (Estonia), and the cultural centre "L'Espace d'un Instant" (Paris, France).

This theatre company - founded in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia by Rahim Burhan - usually plays in Romani. To have some more information about the activities of the company, read the website of Theater an der Ruhr.


The Conference "The Genocide of the Roma during WWII" was held in Prague in 2003. One of the organisers was the Jewish Community of Prague.

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