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In 1998, the Estonian International Commission for the Investigation of Crimes Against Humanity was established in order to investigate all crimes of this nature committed on the territory of the Republic of Estonia during the Nazi and Soviet occupations. The Commission, also known as the Max Jacobson Commission after the name of its leader, completed its activities in 2008.

The Commission’s investigations focused upon crimes against humanity committed during three distinct historical periods:
1. The occupation of Estonia by Soviet forces in 1940-1941.
2. The occupation of Estonia by the forces of Nazi Germany in 1941-1944.
3. The second Soviet occupation of Estonia beginning in 1944.

The research was subsequently published as a book “ESTONIA 1940-1945: Reports of the Estonian Commission for the Investigation of Crimes against Humanity”, in 2006.

European Roma Theatre Project:
The Roma Theater Pralipe, in partnership with several European institutions and cultural centres, prepared the play With the guitar of seven strings, which is part of the European Roma Theatre Project "The forgotten Genocide". Performances took place in Germany, France, Sweden, Estonia, the Czech Republic or the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.
The partners in this project are the Cultural Centre DROM (Finland, represented by Veijo Baltzar), the Roma Theater Pralipe (Germany), the Roma Cultural Centre in Stockholm (Sweden), the Estonian-Finnish Institute and the University of Tartu (Estonia), and the cultural centre "L'Espace d'un Instant" (Paris, France).
This theatre company - founded in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia by Rahim Burhan - usually plays in Romani.