Researches, virtual bibliographies: 

The Division of Special Investigations of Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania (GRRCL) has carried out a large amount of research, including studies related to the Holocaust in Antalieptė, Žeimelis, Leipalingis, Žemaičių Kalvarija, Kalvarija, Salantai, Ukmergė, Aukštadvaris, Troškūnai, Balninkai counties and elsewhere. Research into the activities of V. Zajančkauskas, V. Dervojedaitis, A. Einikis and K. Kiaulakis has been carried out to examine their involvement in the genocide of Jews. In 2011, GRRCL carried out historical-archive research in relation to subjects including the activities of officers of the LLA (Lithuania Freedom Army)during the Nazi occupation; the possible participation of Juozas Lukšys in the massacre in Lietūkis garage; the list of the Righteous Among the Nations; commemorations of residents of Lithuania who were Holocaust victims; the massacre of prisoners of Šiauliai Penitentiary in a forest by the village of Pročiūnai during the German occupation; the fate of Jewish and Polish hostages in Vilnius at the end of June 1941; and the activities of  Vladas Nasevičius and Lithuania’s temporary government. The GRRCL still does not pursue any specific research on the Genocide of the Roma.