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Institute of Romany Heritage and Memory and Holocaust’s Victims:
The "Instytut Pamięci i Dziedzictwa Romów oraz Ofiar Holokaustu" (Institute of Romany Heritage and Memory and Holocaust’s Victims)is related to the "Związek Romów Polskich z siedzibą w Szczecinku" (Polish Roma Union). It is a research unit on the Genocide of the Roma during Second World War. They also have a documentation centre on the topic.

"Stowarzyszenie Romów w Polsce":
The "Stowarzyszenie Romów w Polsce" (Roma Association in Poland) in Auschwitz organises conferences, for instance "Zagłada-Pamięć-Nadzieja" (Holocaust-Memory-Hope) (21-23 November 1996). With funds of the Foundation "Stiftung EZV", the association conducts the programme "Historia i Prawa Człowieka" (History and Human Rights), which allows meetings with victims of the Samudaripen. The "Romski Instytut Historyczny" ("Institute for Roma History") is part of the association and conducts several projects about the Samudaripen.

Sinti and Roma Extermination, the catalogue of exhibition in Auschwitz-Birkenau - German Nazi Concentration and Death Camp (1940-45), 2003

Studia Romologica no.3/2010