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Project "Levande Historia":

The "Forum för Levande Historia" in Stockholm conducts several projects related to the Holocaust, which include activities concerning the Roma.

Project "Testimonies of survivors Roma":

In 1999 / 2000 the "Romernas Riksförbund" ("Roma National Union") has recorded interviews with Roma survivors of concentration camps who live in Sweden.

European Roma Theatre Project:

The Roma Theater Pralipe, in partnership with several European institutions and cultural centres, prepares the play With the guitar of seven strings, which is part of the European Roma Theatre Project "The forgotten Genocide". The performances will take place in Germany, France, Sweden, Estonia, the Czech Republic or the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

The partners in this project are the Cultural Centre DROM (Finland, represented by Veijo Baltzar), the Roma Theater Pralipe (Germany), the Roma Cultural Centre in Stockholm (Sweden), the Estonian-Finnish Institute and the University of Tartu (Estonia), and the cultural centre "L'Espace d'un Instant" (Paris, France).

This theatre company - founded in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia by Rahim Burhan - usually plays in Romani. To have some more information about the activities of the company, read the website of Theater an der Ruhr.


The Seminar on Romani Studies took place on April 29, 2009 at the University College Södertörn. David Gaunt presented a lecture on the Genocide of Roma.

The "Stockholm International Conference on the Discrimination and Persecution of Roma, Sinti and Travellers" (5-7 March 2009) took place in the Stockholm University.

On the 6 March 2008 the Conference "Romer – en förföljd och diskriminerad minoritet; Ett seminarium om romernas situation – då och nu" (Roma - a persecuted and discriminated minority. A seminar on the Roma situation - then and now) took place in the "Etnografiska museet" in Stockholm. One of the lecturers was Hans Caldaras, director of the Roma Culrural Centre in Stockholm.

The Stockholm International Forum on the Holocaust took place in Stockholm from 26 to 28 January 2000. The topics and the activities included the Genocide of the Roma. There were as well workshops on the Holocaust, for instance "The Roma's Porrajaimos - The Forgotten Holocaust", hold on the 29 January 2000 in the Culture Centre of Stockholm (Kulturhuset).